Environment and Plantation

Environment and Plantation

Our Environment and Plantation

Act Humane always working for society, happiness and welfare, we believe in living sustain ably in a Green Society and for us the word Green manifests environmental responsibility and resource efficiency for better tomorrow. We are working with multiple organization to plant trees with the help of volunteers.

Our Mission is to live in the society we are proud of, and this can be achieved by each and everyone's little contribution to make our community, city, and country more sustainable.

Along with other social works we are conducting programs like cleaning city, making Green society by making people aware about the benefits of Green living on the environment which will result in the development of the nation.

Recently we have completed a Mission Hara Bhara where we distributed plants with the help of Tree ATM.

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Ludhiana, Punjab


 We at Act Humane serving happiness to all people. We do regular activities like Educating and Appreciating underprivileged children, providing health and medical services, empowerment and training programs and other social activities to help environment.

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