Tree Plantation under Hara Bhara Mission

Tree Plantation under Hara Bhara Mission

Hara Bhara Mission Ludhiana

Act Humane is always working for society empowerment, disability and greenery, recently on 19 to 21 August 2023 under Hara Bhara Mission Ludhiana we planted more than 500 trees in SCD Government College, Ludhiana

Ludhiana district administration runs this mission with the help of NGOs to make city more green, Act Humane runs this mission offer free saplings through a mobile “tree ATM”

Planning and Preparation:

Selecting the Right Tree Species: Careful consideration is given to choosing tree species that align with our campus environment, ensuring their survival and growth.

Execution of Tree Plantation Ludhiana

Organizing Planting Events: ACT HUMANE organize planting events that actively involve students and staff, fostering a sense of ownership and enthusiasm.

Engaging Students and Staff: ACT HUMANE encourages active participation within the SCD Government college community, creating a collective responsibility for our environment.

Best Practices for Planting: Scientifically proven techniques are employed to ensure the trees are planted correctly for optimal growth.

Maintenance and Care:

Ensuring Proper Watering and Fertilization: Regular care, including proper watering and fertilization, is essential to support healthy tree growth.

Protecting Trees from Pests and Diseases: We implement measures to protect our trees from potential threats, ensuring their long-term survival.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Tracking Tree Growth and Survival Rates: Continuous monitoring allows us to track the growth and survival rates of our trees.

Assessing Environmental Improvements: We assess the positive impact of Hara Bhara Mission Ludhiana Tree Plantation on our environment, such as improved air quality and enhanced biodiversity.


Tree Plantation Hara Bhara Mission

Venue Text

  • 19 August, 2023
  • 12:00 pm 04:00 pm
  • SCD Government College Ludhiana

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