Teej Celebration

Teej Celebration

Teej Celebration with Dhyan Da Vehras Students Celebrated on 21 August, 2023

Hariyali Teej 2023 will fall on August 19, 2023, two days before Nag Panchami, which falls on August 21. On the Shukla paksha Tritiya of Bhadrapad, on September 18, Hartalika Teej will be celebrated.

The Hariyali Teej festival takes place during the monsoon season, when the grounds are lush with greenery, hence the name (Green Teej). Sawan Teej (or Sawan ki teej), Choti Teej, and Madhusrava Teej are other names for the same festival. Hariyali Teej has the same significance as Karwa Chauth, which is celebrated by married Hindu women.

Hariyali Teej is a celebration honouring Goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva welcomed Goddess Parvati as his wife on this auspicious day. As a result, Goddess Parvati is also known as ‘Teej Mata.’

This festival is celebrated throughout the north Indian states with considerable fanfare. Teeyan is the Punjabi word for it, and Shingara Teej is the Rajasthani word for it. Hariyali Teej festivities may differ slightly from place to place, but the passion and excitement are universal.

Teej Celebration

  • 21 August, 2023
  • 12:00 pm 05:00 pm
  • Dhyan Da Vehras School

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