Free Tree ATM to Make Ludhiana Green

free tree atm ludhiana

Act Humane supporting City Needs Tree ATM under Mission Hara Bhara, promoting a “tree ATM” named Van, in collaboration with the Municipal Corporation and district government of Ludhiana.

Our Mission is to plant more than 40,000 Trees in 2024

Just give 7877778803 a missed call to request free saplings, residents of Ludhiana. To help in plant distribution, an automatic message that links to a Google form gathers information such as location, time, and date.

Mango, Jamun, Lemon, Amla, Kaner, Havicus, Chandni, Neem, Dekk, Taahli, China Palm, and other plants are among those they supply. If you would want to help, you may donate online by clicking this link, or you can phone 8289066979 if you need any additional support.

If you have land in Ludhiana to plant at least 50 saplings of trees with regular water facilities, boundary to protect plants from animals and have a care taker then you can apply for free plantation by CityNeeds and Act Humane. The project is supported by District Administration Ludhiana, Municipal Corporation Ludhiana, Department of Forest & CII.

please follow this link to Request for Free Plantation

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