Roohan Da Ghar Home for Abandoned Women

SGB Rabbi Roohan Da Ghar is a refuge for abandoned, mentally distressed women who have been forsaken by society.

We offer them shelter, care, and protection, currently caring for 18 women. Our mission is to provide a safe haven where these marginalized women can rebuild their lives.
We offer: Safe Shelter: A secure home where women can heal and regain their dignity. Mental Health Support: Professional counseling to address their mental health challenges.
Healthcare: Comprehensive medical care and nutritious meals. Skill Development: Vocational training for self-sufficiency. Your support and blessings are necessary to fulfill their basic need.
Donations will directly impact the lives of these women, helping with their rehabilitation.

Support Needed: India Gate Basmati Rice White Grams Black Grams Dhoti Moong Daal Surf Excel Detergent bar Refined Oil (Pkt) Sugar Tea Leaves Vim Dishwash bar Shampoo Family Pack Moong Daal (Green) Kids Diapers (Small, Medium, Large) Adults Diapers (XL, XXL) Coconut Oil Your donations will ensure that these essential items are available to support the women at SGB Rabbi Roohan Da Ghar. Help us provide them with the care and support they need to rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society.

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