Role of NGOs in Punjab to Improve Society and Communities

NGOs importance specially in Punjab is more compare to any other states and there are several reasons for the same, as these NGO working on different areas for society to improve the lives of the underprivileged, oppressed and disabled peoples. 

Role of ActHumane to Improve Society and Communities in Punjab

The phrase “Act Humane” encapsulates both our mission and how we go about achieving it; we want to protect the environment while also ensuring that everyone has access to health, education, and employment.

We try to improve the quality of life through government-initiated schemes and benefits by organizing awareness campaigns and assisting them in putting them into action through camps conducted for those highly vulnerable people. We provide education, extra food, and medical assistance to the most disadvantaged society.

A charitable organization called Act Humane works tirelessly to help people with disabilities by offering them disability certificates, free medical care, hygiene supplies, food, and education.

By educating people about their rights and the benefits offered to them by the government and international organizations, we assist numerous groups in society. to use education to end the cycle of poverty.

To guarantee that everyone from various societal groups is aware of their rights and may take advantage of the opportunities available to them for their entire development.

NGO Working for Better Health and Disability

Everyone has a basic need for health and education, and at Act Humane, we consistently work in the health sector by organizing health awareness events and distribution events for prosthetic limbs.

We set up distribution camps for sanitary napkins and menstrual hygiene education for poor women. We also hold workshops and educational programs on health awareness, healthier living, and providing aid to others in need as well as kids in need.

Environment and Plantation in Punjab

We at Act Humane believe in living sustainably in a “green society,” and for us, the term “green” connotes taking care of the environment and conserving resources for a better tomorrow. With the aid of volunteers, we are collaborating with several organizations to plant trees.

Our goal is to live in a society that we are proud of, and we can all help to do this by doing our small part to improve sustainability in our neighborhood, city, and nation.

Along with other charitable endeavors, we run campaigns to clean up the city and create a more environmentally friendly culture by educating people about how doing so will advance their country’s progress.

Regular Health Awareness Program

We hold educational and health awareness workshops and programs where we inform people about leading better, healthier lives and assisting underprivileged students and others. With hospitals and educational institutions, we occasionally host health and education camps.

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 We at Act Humane serving happiness to all people. We do regular activities like Educating and Appreciating underprivileged children, providing health and medical services, empowerment and training programs and other social activities to help environment.

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